Trending Topics: What Is a Brazilian Butt Lift?

Brazilian Butt Lifts are one of the biggest trends of the decade. Women from 17 to 70 have been going to plastic surgeons around the world to transform their figures. By creating lift and volume, a Brazilian Butt Lift can create the hourglass look you’ve always wanted.

While the most requested look is Kim Kardashian, other celebrities like Nicki Minaj, Sofia Vergara, and Jennifer Lopez have inspired many women to create a curvier shape.

Of course, it’s not really about looking like a celebrity. A Brazilian Butt Lift is a customised procedure that will create a lifted and voluminous shape that is perfect for your body. The goal is to look like you- only better!

What Are the Perks of a Brazilian Butt Lift?

Whether you have always wanted a more hourglass frame or your body has changed in recent years, a Brazilian Butt Lift can be a perfect solution for you. If you have flat, sagging, asymmetrical, or small buttocks, a Brazilian Butt Lift can help you create your dream body.

Many women who have lost weight find that their buttocks lose shape. The Brazilian Butt Lift procedure can create a proportional look that will strategically recreate the volume that you once had.

While butt implants used to be the most popular option, a Brazilian Butt Lift is the new gold standard in creating full and round buttocks. This procedure is less invasive than butt implants and creates a more natural looking result. A Brazilian Butt Lift is also a safer procedure with few risks of complications.

What Is a Brazilian Butt Lift?

A Brazilian Butt Lift is done via fat grafting for a safe procedure that creates a natural look. Fat grafting is an incredible procedure that moves fat from one area of your body and puts it into another. Of course, a Brazilian Butt Lift has major benefits. Not only does it remove stubborn fat from areas you don’t want it, a Brazilian Butt Lift moves your fat to exactly what where you want it.

During a fat grafting procedure, a liposuction is done on areas with excess fat. That fat is collected and purified before it is placed back into desirable areas like the butt, lips, or under eye area. Of course, women love the procedure because it has a double benefit. This means that you can slim down your abdomen, lower back, or thighs while adding curves.

The great thing about using your body’s own fat is that it creates a totally natural look that can be completely customised. While butt implants are manmade, the fat used in a Brazilian Butt Lift is 100% yours. That also means that you can create the exact shape and size that you want.

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