What Is the Right Breast Implant Size for You?

It’s a good time to be a woman. The ability to shape your dream body and take control of your looks is incredibly empowering. If you want to change your breasts, what’s stopping you? Women in Sydney and around the world have made breast augmentation the most popular plastic surgery ever.

If you are thinking about getting breast augmentation, it’s essential to choose the right breast implant size. Of course, there are many factors to consider. Before you visit our Sydney clinic for a breast augmentation consultation, it’s good to have an idea of what you’d like. Here are a few factors to consider.

The Right Breast Implant Size for Your Frame

The most important factor is your body shape. To create a natural look, it is important to find a breast implant size that is proportional to the rest of your body. You will also want to consider your long-term comfort. Remember, large breasts are physically heavy and you need a strong frame to be able to carry them. If you choose a breast size that is too large for your frame, you might find yourself dealing with a lifetime of back pain and uncomfortable bras. When you start the process of choosing the right breast implant size, it’s critical to establish realistic expectations.

Look at Other Women

Don’t be shy about looking at photos of other women. This can be a great source of inspiration. Look for women who have bodies similar to your own then consider what you do and don’t like about their breasts. Beyond just size, look at the placement, shape, and contours of their breasts. Finding a body type that you like will help you get onto the same page with Dr Turner. Think of it like visiting a hair salon. The best way to start your visit is to show a photo of what you and why you like it. Of course, your breast augmentation will be catered to you and your unique needs but a source of inspiration is always a helpful starting point.

Consider Your Lifestyle

There are many different breast implants sizes that will compliment your body. Within that range, you’ll want to decide what will work best for you in the long term. Your lifestyle will play a deciding factor here. If you work out regularly, you might find that large breasts get in your way. This is a good thing to talk about during your breast augmentation consultation. Having worked with a wide range of clients with all kinds of lifestyle, Dr Turner can give you a realistic picture of what to expect with a new breast size.

Tissue Based Planning

When you arrive for your breast augmentation consultation at the Sydney Institute of Plastic Surgery, Dr Turner will do tissue based planning. This means looking at the amount of soft tissue that you have and assessing its elasticity, fullness, and firmness. Tissue based planning allows Dr Turner to recommend breast implant sizes that will work perfectly with your breast and create a totally natural look.

Breast Sizing Kits

Another aspect of a breast augmentation consultation is trying out a breast sizing kit. This allows you to get up close and personal with your new breast implants. You can touch different implants to get a sense of how they look and feel. You can put implants from the sizing kit under your clothes to get a clear impression of how your new breast will look.

3D Imaging Techniques

One of the best tools that we use at the Sydney Institute of Plastic Surgery is the VECTRA 3D machine. Using multiple cameras to take photos of you from every angle, the VECTRA 3D machine is able to create a clear 3D virtual image to show you what your body will look like with different sizes of breast implants.

The VECTRA 3D images are something that women really love because they’re able to see themselves from every perspective to get a very clear idea of how their new breast implants with look.

Ready to learn more? You can schedule a no-obligation consultation with Dr Turner to learn more about breast augmentation and discuss your options.

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