More Men Are Getting Plastic Surgery Than Ever Before. Here’s Why.

You may have heard that the number of men getting plastic surgery has increased. Would you believe, however, that we’ve actually seen a 325 per cent increase in recent years? The number of men interested in getting plastic surgery has truly been exploding.

At the Sydney Institute of Plastic Surgery, like so many other clinics around the globe, we have seen an incredible increase in the number of men looking for minimally invasive procedures like anti-wrinkle injections or dermal fillers as well as traditional cosmetic surgery options like face and neck lifts and liposuction.

Why More Men Are Getting Plastic Surgery

Of course, every man is different and has his own unique reasons for getting plastic surgery. We do, however, see a few key themes. When men first arrive at our plastic surgery clinic, they often say that their wives or girlfriends have sent them in for an appointment. As the conversation progresses, many admit that their significant others have had great results with cosmetic surgery. The natural looking and subtle results they see on the ladies in their lives have opened up their minds about plastic surgery.

In addition to just looking and feeling better, many men have a professional motivation for getting plastic surgery. With 34 per cent of the Australian population over the age of 65 still working, men want to stay competitive and relevant in the workplace.

By turning back the clock, many men feel that they are treated with more respect and seen as a more valuable member of the team. To keep a competitive edge and stay at the top of their game, men are increasingly turning to plastic surgery to look younger.

Ageism in the Workplace

Ageism is a sad but true fact in far too many workplaces. Younger men are often viewed as a greater asset in the office and their old counterparts often feel like they are left to play catch-up. Whether it’s finding a new job, connecting with younger clients, or just getting a boost in self-confidence in the boardroom, plastic surgery is a life-changing affair for many men.

A large number of professional men report feeling that they are disconnected from their younger colleagues and clients. Regardless of the actual age difference, men say that looking older creates an unspoken divide that affects their career.

Who Is Getting Plastic Surgery

While we tend to see men from all walks of life, our Sydney clinic and other plastic surgeons around the world tend to see a few commonalities amongst male clients. Generally, male patients are between 35 to 65 years old and work in higher incomes careers in white-collar professional roles.

Plastic Surgery Options for Men

Plastic surgery is no longer just for women. Modern men are ready and able to take control of their looks. From liposuction to Botox, there is a solution out there for every issue.

To eliminate droopy eyelids, wrinkles and dark circles under the eyes, blepharoplasty is a very popular option. For a stronger jawline and rejuvenated face, many men decide to get a face and neck lift.

Of course, the face isn’t the only place to show ageing. As they get older, many men opt to remove excess breast tissue via gynaecomastia correction surgery or create an all-over contour with liposuction.

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