What to Know About Getting Plastic Surgery for Your Teen

Have you heard? Parents in Sydney and around the world are giving plastic surgery as a graduation gift. Of course, this is a trend that has gotten a lot of positive and negative reactions. So, let’s dig into the facts behind this trend.

What’s Behind the Plastic Surgery for Teens Trend

There is a wide range of reasons why teens are interested in getting plastic surgery. For some young people, it is a matter of correcting abnormalities and congenital defects. For many girls, oversized labia may cause years of discomfort and can be quickly corrected with labiaplasty while tuberous breast asymmetry correction can also be life-changing. Likewise, for young women and men who have breathing issues, rhinoplasty (a nose job) can be an incredible relief.

Of course, plastic surgery is not always about solving medical issues. More often than not, it’s about teenagers want to look their best- and that’s okay! Whether the motivation is fixing a misshaped nose, male breast reduction, reducing fixing protruding ears or getting a liposuction, cosmetic surgery can enhance young people’s self-esteem and make them feel like the best versions of themselves.

What You Should Know Before Getting Plastic Surgery

First and foremost, when thinking about cosmetic surgery, it is critical to establish the reason why your teen wants to get plastic surgery. This is an important step that must be carefully considered. Of course, this is something for parents to consider as well as plastic surgeons. At the Sydney Institute of Plastic Surgery, each and every patient meets with Dr Turner for a one-on-one consultation prior to any procedure. Far from giving a sale pitch, the doctor’s role is to ensure that every patient is an ideal candidate before moving forward. This means making sure that every person is choosing plastic surgery for the right reasons.

As a parent, it is important to make sure that your teen is considering plastic surgery so that he or she can feel more confident and comfortable. Before moving forward, have a frank and open conversation.

Talking It Through

Communication is key when deciding if cosmetic surgery is the right option for your teen. This means parents talking to their kids, doctors talking to their patients, and parents providing support every step of the way. During every conversation, it is important to keep your ears and eyes open. Certain tops like breast reduction for both men and women or labiaplasty can be uncomfortable to discuss but, as parents, you’ve got to keep the lines of communication open.

Ask about peer pressure and ensure that your teen is making an independent decision. Finally, it can be hard for young people to wrap their head around the idea that plastic surgery is permanent. Decisions like breast implant size must be taken with serious considerations. Make sure that an adequate amont of time is spent considering the options.

Getting Started with Cosmetic Surgery

Think that plastic surgery might be right for your grad? It’s time to visit the Sydney Institute of Plastic Surgery. If you and your teen think that it might be a good decision for your situation, it’s time to start gathering information. When you contact our office, we will organise a no-obligation chat with Dr Turner where he will answer each and every one of your questions.

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