A Guide to Mummy Makeovers

Mums all over Sydney are ready for a change. They want their pre-baby bodies back! Rather than just hiding or ignoring the changes that come along with pregnancy and breastfeeding, these mothers have decided that they want to take charge of their looks.

To meet the growing demand for post-baby procedures, the Sydney Institute of Plastic Surgery offers the ultra popular “Mummy Makeover” procedure to give mums exactly what they are looking for.

Are you considering a post-pregnancy change? Here’s your guide to Mummy Makeovers.

The Basics of Mummy Makeover

Each and every Mummy Makeover is a bit different. Every woman has a different body and pregnancy experience and therefore has different needs. After having a baby, many women are looking to slim down or contour their bodies with a tummy tuck, liposuction, or Brazilian Butt Lift. Other women are more focused on the most affected areas of their body, which typically include the breasts and genitals. For these women a breast augmentation, breast lift, or labiaplasty is a good option.

Liposuction is the gold standard for eliminating stubborn fat while a tummy tuck is incredible for restoring the stomach by tightening abdominal muscles, flattening the stomach, and reshaping your waist. A proceeding surging in popularity, the Brazilian Butt Lift is perfect for slimming down while adding volume to the buttocks.

A breast augmentation is ideal for restoring volume while a breast lift will reduce sagging and increase perkiness. Finally, a labiaplasty is a procedure to restore the pre-pregnancy shape of the genitals.

What to Expect from a Mummy Makeover

Since every woman has different goals, every woman will have a different Mummy Makeover experience. As a Mummy Makeover will typically include two, three, or more procedure, it’s important to decide how many procedures to have done at one time.

Many women opt to do it all at once. This can be more cost effective and it cuts down on the overall time spent on doctor’s visits and downtime. Some women, however, prefer to have a couple of different sessions, which means that they can spread out the cost of the procedures and have a faster healing time.

When you visit the Sydney Institute of Plastic Surgery to meet with Dr Turner, he will create a customised treatment plan to meet your needs. Once a plan is in place, he will explain each of your options so that you can choose how you would like to have your procedures done.

Is a Mummy Makeover Right for You?

A Mummy Makeover can be a good option for any woman who is in good general health and doesn’t plan to have more children. It is important to realise that, while a Mummy Makeover won’t affect any future pregnancies in any way, you are likely to undo the benefits of the procedures performed if you have more children afterwards.

Additionally, due to the high risk and unpredictable results, the doctor does not perform any type of procedure on smokers or patients with a body mass index (BMI) greater than 30.

Think that a Mummy Makeover is right for you? Schedule a no-obligation consultation with Dr Turner! He will explain each of your options and work with you to create a treatment plan that will give you the body of your dreams.

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