Five Reasons Why Fat Transfers Are So Popular in Sydney

Fat grafting has quickly becoming one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures in the world today. This incredible body contouring technique truly has revolutionised the world of plastic surgery. By creating unbelievably natural looking results, this remarkable procedure can transform the way that you look and feel.

By removing fat from where you don’t want it and putting it exactly where you do want it, this procedure is able to create amazing, natural looking results using your own natural body fat.

Do you think that a fat transfer might be right for you? Here are five reasons why so many men and women in Sydney and around the world are thrilled with the results of their fat transfer procedures.

Fat Transfers Are Minimally Invasive

Patients of fat transfers are always thrilled with the lack of downtime. Fat transfers can typically be done in a single session and only require a few days of downtime. Since implant and lift procedures are considerably more invasive, they require significantly more time off of your feet and out of the office. During a fat transfer, fat is both removed by liposuction and repositioned using just a small needle.

Fat Transfers Offer Dual Benefits

One of the greatest things about fat transfers is that they offer double the benefits. Not only can you slim down one area, you can also add volume exactly where you want it. Imagine removing fat from your stomach or thighs then adding it to your breasts or butt. It’s a dream situation for many women!

One of the most popular options with fat transfers is the Brazilian Butt Lift, which is an ideal procedure for creating a perfect hourglass shape. By removing fat from your stomach or thighs and adding it to your butt, you can create the body that you have always wanted.

Fat Transfers Leaves Nearly No Scarring

Since liposuction uses only a small needle for fat removal, there is next to no scarring after your procedure. This means that you will have no obvious marks after your procedure. Of course, this is one of the biggest reasons why fat transfers are so popular.

Fat Transfers Are Totally Customisable

The best thing about fat transfers is that they can be completely customised to your unique body shape and preferences. You can decide precisely how much fat you want to have taken and where exactly you want to have it placed. While breast implants have set shapes and sizes, using your own fat means that you can create the specific shape and size that is perfect for your body.

One of the biggest trends of recent years is the breast lift procedure with a fat transfer. It’s a great alternative to breast implants because it allows women to add volume exactly where they want it. As they age or have children, many women find that their breasts begin to droop and they lack volume at the top of their breasts. A breast lift with a fat transfer is ideal for giving you a lift while enhancing your cleavage.

Fat Transfers Give Permanent Results

By physically removing fat cells via liposuction, a fat transfer gives you permanent results. This means that your results will stay looking exactly the same as long as you maintain a healthy weight. When compared with procedures like injectable treatments that need to be redone on a regular basis to maintain their look, fat transfers have a clear advantage.

Do you think a fat transfer might be right for you? Let us know! We can set up a no-commitment chat with Dr Turner so that you can learn everything you need about know about fat transfers and how the procedure might work for you.

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