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The Hottest Cosmetic Surgery Trends of the Year

At the Sydney Institute of Plastic Surgery, we have seen some exciting trends this year. From head to toe, men and women alike are taking charge of their appearance to transform their lives and looks. Every year, we see new trends as well…

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Male Plastic Surgery Trends Inspired by Hollywood

The world of beauty has been changing! Looking good is no longer just the domain of women. Today’s men are serious about diet, exercise, and feeling their best. While plastic surgery used to be just a woman’s domain, men these days are clamouring for a change. Men in Hollywood are leading the trend of male …

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More Men Are Getting Plastic Surgery Than Ever Before. Here’s Why.

You may have heard that the number of men getting plastic surgery has increased. Would you believe, however, that we’ve actually seen a 325 per cent increase in recent years? The number of men interested in getting plastic surgery has truly…

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Quick and Easy Guide to Body Contouring for Men

Did you know that male plastic surgery has increased by an incredible 325% since the turn of 21st century? Each and every year we are seeing more men get plastic surgery yet, when we talk about plastic surgery, we are still often just talking about women. Things are quickly changing though! Modern men aren’t shy […]

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