Breast Implants Are a Lot More Common Than You Think

Breast implants are surging in popularity and the way that we think of breast augmentation is changing. The obvious “boob jobs” of the old days are out of style. Today women want completely natural looking results. They don’t want people to walk by and know that they have breast implants.

In Sydney and across the world, more women than ever are choosing to get implants that suit the natural shape of their body. These are not women wearing a size zero getting DD implants (although there are certainly women who love the look and can pull that off). Many women are simply looking to get a subtle enhancement that suits their body shape. And why not? Breast augmentation is better than it has ever been. The results are more natural than ever before and you can transform your body with minimal downtime and risk.

Are you thinking about joining the crowd? Here’s what you need to know about getting a breast augmentation.

What’s It Like to Get to Breast Implants

Getting breast implants is part of a breast augmentations (AKA a boob job). What many women don’t realise is that this is a dynamic, customised procedure. When you get a breast augmentation, your doctor doesn’t simply toss in some one-size-fits-all implants. It’s a complex and thorough process that ensures that each woman gets the perfect breast size and shape.

The first step in getting breast implants is having a consultation. During this consolation, your doctor will recommend a few different breast implant shapes and sizes that will suit your frame. The best shape and size for you will depending on your physique, breast size, breast shape, and your lifestyle. To narrow down the options, your doctor will show you computer images of what you’d look like with different size implants. There are also “sizers” that you can put into your bras to show you how you’d look with different implants. These are a great way to get hands on and see what different breast implants would look like under your clothes.

Breast augmentation isn’t just about breast implants either. In the majority of cases, women opt to have a breast lift during their breast augmentation. This creates a look that’s not only bigger, but also perkier and more youthful.

Changes in the World of Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation in the 1990s got a bad rap. The procedure surged in popular and, like so many trends, things moved too quickly. There were complications with certain breast implants and too many inexperienced doctors were keen to cash in on the trend.

These days, massive improvements have been made in the world of breast implants. From safer techniques to state-of-the-art technology, modern breast augmentation creates beautiful results.

If you are considering getting breast implants, it’s essential to work with a seasoned professional. At the Sydney Institute of Plastic Surgery, Dr Turner specialises in natural looking breast augmentation. Having spent a lifetime acquiring the qualifications, education, training and hands on experience, he is at the top of his field and will give you the results you’ve always wanted.

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